Naturalis Biodiversity Center

3 projects • Visual Design • UX • Web & App


Naturalis is the place for anyone who wants to discover more about nature. With my passion for nature, I had the opportunity to contribute to the Natuurwijzer knowledge base, Natuurkijker app, and Natuurlab learning environment with various tools.



Visual Design • UX

The Naturalis Natuurwijzer is designed for children aged 9 to 14. The museum experience continues online with a wealth of images, videos, and interactive 3D objects. This material aligns with curriculum programs in primary and secondary education. Children, along with their teachers and parents, learn more and more about the vast richness of nature, whether they're at home, in the classroom, or out in the wild.

De Natuurwijzer serves not only as a tool for targeted information retrieval but also as a platform for exploration and discovery. Each topic provides starting points for new directions to explore. supported by a rich array of captivating images that continuously stimulate users' curiosity.


Visual Design • App

The app identifies a diverse range of flora and fauna in the Netherlands and Belgium based on photos, provides interesting facts about these species, and allows you to easily save your photo as a nature observation and share it with fellow nature enthusiasts on,, and


Visual Design • UX

Natuurlab is an online learning environment for high school students about nature and research. It is rich in visual resources and highly interactive. Naturalis researchers play a central role in it, each serving as a host for their area of expertise. The additional tools ensure that students actively engage with nature.

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