Landal Greenparks

Visual Design • UX • Web & App


Landal Greenparks allows their guests to experience unforgettable vacations, right in the midst of nature. This journey begins on the website when searching and booking a holiday. With the app, you can then make the most of your stay, all seamlessly.



To create that seamless experience from start to finish, from online to physical, from booking to going back home, the Landal app was in need of a renovation. The initial steps were taken with the help of data, users, and park employees. The numerous UX patterns were identified and minimized to the essentials. The app received a clear navigation structure as well as a fresh new look, complete with a fitting sustainable design system.

The first prototype underwent extensive testing by guests at Landal parks and was well-received right from the start. The lessons learned from this, along with subsequent insights from users, resulted in a frictionless app experience. Contact moments with the reception were reduced, and the app score keeps improving with each iteration.

Get the most
out of your stay

The new Landal app guides you through essential pre-arrival arrangements, offers inspiration, allows you to make activity reservations, and serves as your access to your accommodation and facilities such as the swimming pool.

The unique seamless functionalities of the app, still unmatched in the market, have earned it a prestigious Gold DIA Award.

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