Huis van Sarah

Visual Design • UX • App


Huis van Sarah is the new Covid-proof multimedia co-production by TheaterMakers Radio Kootwijk, commissioned by Wij Techniek, with the theme of the energy transition. Setting: six large moving crates, each with its own room and story. As an audience member, you don't sit still; with the help of the app, you move from crate to crate with Sarah as your personal guide.


Before, during, and after the show

It starts with the option to reserve tickets in the app. Then, the app informs you in advance about the performance, providing practical information as well as inspiration and engaging content for the show. During the performance, the app guides you as a visitor through several very different rooms, with Sarah as your personal guide, addressing you through the app. After the performance, you receive suggestions for other gatherings, can answer Sarah's questions, and can connect with other show attendees. In short, the app is truly an indispensable part of this innovative performance, where Sarah always stimulates, entices, and guides you further.

Read more about Huis van Sarah and the app here

Journey to the end result

Because the app is an essential part of the performance, a visitor journey was first developed. A story that describes the journey the visitor takes before, during, and after the performance. From ordering tickets to the performance itself and the period afterward. All from the perspective of the visitor. Then, wireframes were created that detail all these moments and provide a clear picture of the app's functionalities and interaction. A clickable prototype was created from the wireframes and extensively tested for user experience and usability during multiple runs of the show.


The app's design was developed in close collaboration with the creators of the performance, seamlessly aligning with the set design. As a result, using the app feels integral, like an inherent part of the performance itself.

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