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FieldScout is a platform consisting of a smartphone app and has been expanded with a web app. The FieldScout app provides farmers with on-site insights, such as the condition of crops. The app streamlines the process of analysis, scouting, and taking action, enabling farmers to treat crops with precision, such as using fertilizers or pesticides.


App development and new web app

In the first year, the FieldScout app, developed by Uselab, received recognition, winning the Galileo Prize due to its outstanding user-friendliness. Building on user feedback and Bioscope's specific requirements, the app underwent further development. The focus was on enhancing usability, and alongside this, a web app was created.

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New features

New features were developed for the mobile app, including the ability to add tasks, take samples, and make precise measurements with an inspector and legend.

The web app was entirely developed based on the mobile app's foundation. It also includes additional features, like the capability to manually outline plots and access data through interactive graphs. This platform also serves as the hub for managing subscriptions and making purchases beyond the freemium offering.

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